Spread Betting on Sports

Sports’ betting using spreads is an ultimate betting experience which challenges your judgment, skill and knowledge of the game that you are betting on. There is a sporting index which makes a prediction on the various aspects of the sporting events. You then have to decide whether the prediction made is pitched too low or too high. Your winning depends on how correct your prediction was and the amount of win depends upon the stake that you choose. The same applies to a losing condition as well.

How to make a spread bet

There are two prices based on which the predictions are presented. The range between the prices is the spread of which if you bet low, you are in a way ‘selling’ on the first price while if you wish to bet high, it means you are ‘buying’ at the second price mentioned.

Win or Loss

As mentioned, your win or loss depends upon the correctness of your prediction and the stake size chosen. For example, the sporting index predicts that the first goal of a match between two teams would be scored in the 38th minute. This would set a spread of 37 – 39 minutes.

One bettor believes the goal to be scored much before the 38th minute, so he bets LOW at 37 minutes while another bettor believes that the teams would defend well beyond the 39 minutes, so he bets HIGH on 39 minutes. Now if the first goal is scored in the 27th minute, the first bettor wins 10 times his stake (37 minutes – 27 minutes). On the other hand, the second bettor would lose 12 times his stake (39 minutes – 27 minutes).

Therefore, in this way, bettors win or lose money in spread betting on sports. It is important for bettors to have adequate knowledge of the game so that better outcomes or correct predictions can be made.